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The biggest
The oldest
The hardest
The organ in the Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA is generally regarded as the largest pipe organ in the world.
Built in 1930 at a cost of less than $500,000, it is housed in chambers distributed throughout the vast auditorium.
A cathedral in Switzerland houses what is generally considered to be the oldest playable pipe organ in the world.
Thought to date from 1390, it is work of an unknown builder.
Many materials have been used to build organs over the centuries, mostly wood and various metals such as tin and lead.
This is the first pipe organ made entirely of stone (except for a few parts such as springs, pallet leather, etc).
The roundest
The thinnest
The fastest
Built as a prototype in the late 1970s or early 1980s, this is said to be the only example of its kind in existence.
It was designed to hang from the ceiling of a small chapel or home.
This organ has to be a leading contender for the "Thinnest Organ in the World" title! This 7.5 tonne mobile organ is installed on a truck and is used for an annual music festival in Germany.
The brightest
The strangest
The clearest
Well, why shouldn't organs be colorful? The Walt Disney Concert Hall organ in Los Angeles certainly caused some controversy when its design was unveiled.
"A bag of potato chips" and "Post earthquake" were just a couple of the unkind remarks made.
A walk-around organ case made of 650 kg of glass!